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According to various torrent users, uTorrent version 2.2.1 is the best one so far. The version is more secure, fast, lightweight, and has fewer bugs than the rest. Also, it doesn’t have any bundled unwanted programs with its files, which is a win-win.

  • Today you will find the most effective method on how to completely uninstall uTorrent on your Mac machine in just some minutes of time.
  • The best situation is where everyone stays connected once they have 100%.
  • But you can get a better deal with a long-term plan, which also comes with a generous 45-day money-back guarantee.

UTorrent (µTorrent), one of the most popular BitTorrent client does have the ability to stop the seeding and uploads, albeit indirectly. This tutorial guides you on how to turn off seeding and disable the uploads in uTorrent. The entire subject, however, is hotly debated even now. By its nature, a torrent will make you a far heavier data user than if you were just downloading. Your uploading and downloading activities will increase the load on the ISP’s network.

uTorrent and the attached Safety Risks

Torrents with many seeders are likely to be more trustworthy. To test your IP address in uTorrent, press F5 to show ‘Detailed Info’ and then select ‘Peers’. You’ll see your IP address with the IP addresses of other users in your swarm, and they can see yours too.

The first time you click on one, you’ll have to authorize your browser to open uTorrent but after that, it will start the download automatically. Deluge is another open-source, cross-platform BitTorrent client. Overall, Deluge and qBittorrent are fairly similar and have many of the same features. But, while qBittorrent generally follows uTorrent, Deluge has a few of its own ideas. The upstart BitTorrent client was super lightweight and trounced other popular BitTorrent clients.

Step 5: Don’t Shy Away From Magnet Links

Peers are people who do not have the complete file but bits and pieces of them instead. Kaspersky Internet Security received two AV-TEST awards for the best performance & protection for an internet security product in 2021. In all tests Kaspersky Internet Security showed outstanding performance and protection against cyberthreats. Happy Valentine’s Day — Internet Explorer is now dead. After announcing it would phase out the legacy browser last year, Microsoft announced that it permanently disabled Internet Explorer 11 on consumer versions of Windows 10. If you’re concerned about privacy, it should be noted that this is one client you want to run a VPN with when using.

Best VPNs for downloading torrents

Some other clients have feature sets which are very conducive to privacy and general safety. There are some features which torrent clients offer that are very effective for tackling privacy concerns. The key here is staying informed, the first step to safe torrenting is knowing the risks involved. These services hide your IP address, so copyright trolls can’t see it in the torrent swarm. Without your IP, they won’t be able to track down your ISP and flood them with threatening letters. These security programs are designed to detect and quarantine malicious files.

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