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Xunlei is a Chinese file sharing software that supports BitTorrent protocol, HTTP, FTP, and eDonkey. It is the No. 1 BitTorrent client used in China and the most used BitTorrent client in the world. It also displays banner ads, but you can disable them by logging in as a VIP user.

A very tiny desktop torrent client with advanced features for expert users. BTT is a TRC-20 utility token based on the blockchain that powers features of the most popular decentralized protocols and applications in the world. DApps powered by BTT include BitTorrent Speed, BitTorrent File System, and others in the pipeline.

The good, bad, and ugly of BitTorrent downloads

A small file with the extension .torrent that contains information about the file, its length, name, hashing information, and the location of a tracker. To start sharing a file, a user uploads a torrent to a server. It can then be downloaded by users from torrent websites. When you run out of BTT, you can longer participate in Speed and get increased download speeds.

  • It’s an open-source torrent client for Android that allows you to download torrent files at a faster speed.
  • To identify and quarantine the WebHelper virus, you’ll need to run a full disk scan with your antivirus program.
  • Unofficial copies of uTorrent circulating online may include malware, viruses, or other unwanted software.
  • Adding trackers is one of the best options to increase uTorrent download speed as it adds new peers and seeds.

UTorrent will be automatically installed to your Applications folder.You can drag the uTorrent icon to the Dock to create a shortcut. You can always try increasing seeds for your torrent if your selected torrent doesn’t have enough seeds or isn’t downloading while using the above settings. Installing uTorrent using the default installation settings will make configuring uTorrent later marginally less time-consuming. Close the File Explorer and check if you can install the uTorrent software. For users experiencing difficulties with File Explorer, read how to fix File Explorer issues on Windows 11.

Why should I seed my torrents?

Represents a particular fungible and tradable asset or a utility that is often found on a blockchain. The ownership of a token is evidenced through cryptographic mechanisms. Tokens are the fuel of a network, used to reward stakeholders for network services and make the network attack resistant. Cryptographic tokens are tradable and transferrable among the various participants of the blockchain. All cryptocurrencies are cryptographic tokens, but not all cryptographic tokens are cryptocurrencies. So far, there is no password restoration mechanism in place, so we strongly recommend that users remember or write down passwords and keep them in a safe space.

Seeders – Who have already downloaded the torrent and helping others to download it. To choose a healthy torrent, you must first comprehend the concepts of seeder and leecher. These two terms sometimes confound novice torrent enthusiasts, so I’ll try to explain them in plain English here. Some people who do not have a separate router may find that their modem serves as both and this procedure will also apply.

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